Time Saving Tips in the Kitchen

Time Saving Tips in the Kitchen

Mother Nature teased us with a cold spell here in Arizona and I was inspired to make some soup. I was tight on time and remembered soup is the ultimate fast food.  I whipped up a Chicken Tortilla Soup in 10 minutes.  It’s a quick fix main-dish meal that’s made in one pot, making cleanup a breeze.  Serving soup for dinner is a great way to save time in the kitchen.  As a busy mom of three I am always looking for healthy, time saving tips in the kitchen. Here are a few.

Plan for the week

  • Plan meals at least a week in advance to make the most of leftovers.
  • Plan ahead for busy nights. If you know tomorrow night will be crazy, prepare double the night before and reheat as needed
  • Keep your shopping list on the front of your refrigerator, and as soon as you run out of something, write it down! You can also review old grocery receipts for shopping and cooking ideas.
  • After returning from the grocery store, package snack foods in individual snack bags so they’re ready to pack in lunches. Individually wrap hamburger patties, chicken breasts, and the like so you can thaw as needed.

Stock up and be prepared

  • Keep your pantry stocked with canned broths, vegetables, fruit, chicken, and fish for quick-to-prepare healthful meals in minute.
  • Keep supplies of ground nuts, grated ginger, and shredded citrus peels in the freezer and use as needed.
  • Save cooking liquid from vegetables to use for nutritious soup stock
  • Use seasoning blends such as Italian, Cajun, Mexican, fajita seasoning, pumpkin pie spice, poultry seasoning, and apple pie spice. A little goes a long way, and you don’t have to mix them yourself.
  • If you do not use garlic often buy it minced or in powdered form to prevent waste—1/2 teaspoon minced garlic or ¼ teaspoon garlic powder is equivalent to one garlic clove.

Extra little tips to speed up clean up

  • Skip serving dishes; serve meals right onto the plate. Doing so saves cleanup time and also controls portion sizes.
  • Keep your cupboard stocked with nonfat cooking sprays! They save cleanup time as well as calories and fat!
  • Clean your kitchen workspace as you go.  When you’re done cooking, you’ll have little left to clean.
  • Line casseroles and roasting pans with foil and spray before adding ingredients. After the meal, simply discard foil and rinse out the pan.
  • Make use of timesaving kitchen appliances such as slow cookers, blenders, and cuisinarts.

You don’t have to take all of these and apply them today. Take what appeals to you and start applying it.  The key is to have less stress and for me that is timesaving tips.

Thanks for reading and be sure to send me your tips.

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For those of you who don’t know me, my name is SheriAnne Nelson and I am happily married to my husband Mike. I’m a mother of three beautiful children ages 9, almost 6, and 3, am a passionate fitness professional, and a Star Diamond Level fitness coach within the Team Beachbody program in Scottsdale, Arizona.