SOMA Triathlon Race Report – My 1st Half Iron Distance Race

Focusing before the swim start at SOMA Triathlon

HOLY *%#@!!! I am standing there looking at the computer screen under the results tent at my very first half iron distance triathlon, SOMA Triathlon.  My time was 4:46:31, which is a stellar time for a first timer, and I am totally stoked.  I then see I placed first in my Age Group, which … [Read more...]

Take the time to pamper yourself, it is IMPORTANT.


It is so funny to me when people see me dressed up, with make-up on.  They act like I am a totally different person. Or better yet, they are shocked that I can clean up so nicely. Yes, most of my wardrobe is workout gear. I have more workout shoes than most and probably more than I need.  Right now, … [Read more...]

The start to my Ironman journey…

Ironman Arizona

When I envision the swim start at Ironman Arizona on November 18, 2012, I get butterflies in my stomach.  I think about that race every day and can almost taste it. When I envision crossing the finish line I get goose bumps.  I hear them announcing, “SheriAnne Nelson, you are an Ironman!” I know … [Read more...]

My 1st Rolf’s Salon Experience

Rolf's Salon Experience

I’m standing at home in my bathroom trying to style my hair and realize I need to use a blow dryer.  This is the turning point for me, because I don’t normally use a hair dryer.  I wear my hair short, and once I have to spend more time than I want or am willing to spend styling my hair, it’s time to … [Read more...]

Trust the process – Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon 8/12/12

Thank you to My Sponsors

Have you ever entered into an event and wondered what your take away will be when you are done?  Leading into Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon in Flagstaff, August 12, 2012, I felt that way. Being a mother of three young children I was heavily distracted with school starting and focusing on meeting … [Read more...]

Racing at high altitudes

Jun 12 Mountain Man.indd

  People talk about altitude playing a major role in athletic performance and the research shows that yes, indeed it does. The question is, does it play a larger role on your psyche or your body?   Sunday July 15, 2012, I raced in Flagstaff, Arizona at Mountain Man Sprint, which … [Read more...]

To race or race to win…

Post race love

Tempe International Olympic Triathlon, Mother's Day May 13, 2012 “You’re not trying to win the race this time around as we’ll save that goal for the NEXT time!  However, I do want you to get a sense of ‘what it takes’ to race at your potential, podium in your age group and hopefully podium … [Read more...]

My FIRST Triathlon – Marquee Sprint 4/15/12

3rd place finish @ Marquee

Ever set out to accomplish a goal and had the feeling that you would reach it and do well but, there was still that possibility that just maybe you were shooting too high?  For my first triathlon, my coach recommended I start with a sprint to get my feet wet, literally and figuratively. A Sprint tri … [Read more...]

Desert Classic Duathlon Race Report


Do you have kids and are wondering if doing a triathlon is in your future? Are you an ex-collegiate athlete and wondering if you still ‘got it’? Are you a weekend warrior and wondering if you have what it takes to do a competitive event? Do you just want to set the simple goal of completing a … [Read more...]

Thank You Team Beach Body


Thanking Team Beachbody for an outstanding Leadership Conference in Dana Point, CA. Being at this event should be everyone's goal. [youtube=] … [Read more...]